Global SCM , Analysis in logistics , Simulation tool "core planner"

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Process management practice tool "Core Planner SCM"

Process management practice tool "Core Planner SCM"

Consistency and Competitiveness for Creation of Value

In order to keep high performance, it's important to be consistent for every work. And focus on stronger competitiveness.
★3 Management theories to consistency for creation of value.
(1)The theory for Products / Service Planning / Manufacturing.
(2)The theory for Supply Chain Process.
(3)The theory for Integrating (1) and (2).

The ConstrucEon of the Management Pyramid to realize competitiveve process

High performer has management features to integrate that “product features” and “supply chain”. It's not related the type of Industry. “Core Planner SCM” is the best tool to support the adaptation of the SCM.
The tool is useful to evaluate the following things.
① The structure of the supply chain
② Design Proposal and Improvement Proposal
③ Plan of operation and FC(Feedforward Control)


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